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The Morris Foundation is a Lexington, Kentucky-based and Kentucky-centric charitable organization devoted to hands-on philanthropy and providing financial assistance and strategic support to nurture and inspire charitable initiatives.

The Morris Foundation was founded by Rubicon Founder & CEO Nate Morris and his wife, entrepreneur and author Jane Morris. It takes a holistic approach to partnering with organizations to provide catalytic support through targeted grants and consulting and to help drive scale and impact using entrepreneurial principles 


The Morris Foundation enriches the lives of Kentuckians through charitable contributions to Kentucky-based organizations that address Kentucky-specific challenges and by providing organizations with access to resources and relationships to accelerate their development both within Kentucky and on a national scale.


The Morris Foundation was established with the belief that the American Dream is alive and well and should be available to all, and supports American values and interests by funding organizations that contribute to a greater good for all Americans.


Our founders are hands-on philanthropists who provide Morris Foundation beneficiaries with direct support through charitable contributions, introductions to business leaders and charitable organizations, communications, brand development, digital outreach, and technology support. Beneficiaries become members of a powerful network of charities energized by the founders’ expertise and relationships to achieve greater potential and exponential growth.