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Morris Prize

Inspired by Ms. Ginny Speaks, a high school English teacher of Foundation cofounder Nate Morris, the Morris Prize is an award of $10,000 in college tuition assistance granted each year to one “MVP” student graduating from Eastern High School in Louisville, Kentucky – Nate’s alma mater.

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Nate Morris attended Eastern High School, a public school in Louisville, Kentucky. Through his hard work and determination, he was awarded a scholarship to attend college. He believes that every student who achieves greatness should be given that same opportunity. It is for that reason Nate Morris, through the Morris Foundation and the Bluegrass Community Foundation, created the Morris Prize. 

The Morris Prize awards a $10,000 grant to one exceptional graduating senior at Eastern High School each year. The grant is to be used for tuition at any Kentucky university or four-year college. 

Created in 2020, to date the Morris Prize has awarded $20,000 in tuition assistance to exceptional Eastern High School graduates.